About The Raneys

Making room for what matters

We are the Raneys and we believe you matter! Cassie and I feel like it is our life's calling to remind people of their value, help them discover their purpose, and live out the unique story God has given them. We are blessed to be able to connect with audiences from around the country through speaking at conferences, Kyle's book "Welfare Faith," various content we have created, and coaching.  

Cassie and I live with our 9 children in Oregon. As adoptive parents, we are very involved in orphan care, as well as, other movements that aim to help the most vulnerable in our community. Our mission in life is to do good, for the most amount of people, in the time God grants us on this earth. Life is busy and at times we all feel stuck. We would love to help you stop living in survival mode and make room in your life for what matters most. 

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